Finding a routine is rough….

Ideally I will wake up for the gym everyday at 5. BUT this doesn’t always happen. I. Am. A. Horrible. Sleeper. If I know I have to wake up in the morning,  I cannot fall asleep. I am a light sleeper and wake up to just about everything. If I want to have a solid morning routine I need to master sleep.

This past week I have done great! I have gotten up at 5 am twice (this morning was 5:30), but made it to the gym three times this week. Tomorrow morning I have plans to start Friday off with some Turbo Jam. Honestly, if you have never heard of Chalene Johnson, check her out. She has many different workouts and is full of wisdom. I just love Turbo Jam, I used it religiously in high school when I was in the best shape of my life. If you want a fast paced, challenging work out. I highly suggest Turbo Jam.

Tonight is a little self love. I am going through an unexpected move back into my parents and my food has not been on point. Eating well takes a lot of planning, and I honestly haven’t made the time to do that planning. One thing, I repeat to myself daily is not to reward myself with food. You are not a dog. Reward yourself with new clothes, take yourself to a movie, a massage, face mask, Sephora, almost anything except food. I’m not saying you can’t have a cheat meal. Eat a cheat meal because you are human and we have to give into temptation sometimes. Eve ate the apple, right? I am saying do not eat ice cream because you went to the gym that morning. Do not eat that bacon every morning because you are up for breakfast. If anything, you should reward your body with healthy and exciting things.

I am thankful that this week is almost over. Next week mother nature will run her course and following the bloating I will be posting current measurements and (hopefully) I will have a creative meal plan to share. Email me with questions & suggestions!

Bye for now.

Photo on 3-10-16 at 7.36 PM #3